lady brett ashley is the headlining woman of ernest hemingway’s, the sun also rises. the novel focuses on the exploits of her and various men, all of which have some infatuation with her. despite her knowledge of their affection and persistence that she is in control of the situation, it becomes obvious that she is not. engaged to one, in love with another and confused by the others she decides ends up escaping to madrid with the bullfighter, romero. however, this jaunt does not last long and she soon calls for her another to comfort her. the novel ends discussing what life could have been like if other paths were taken. in the book, she is described as having a somewhat masculine, but feminine and attractive style.
1: off to the bullfight: dress by dries van noten, shoes by calvin klein
2: meeting at cafe select: shirt by bottega veneta, bag by dries van noten, pants by chloe, shoes by prada
3: escaping to madrid: jacket by christian dior, pants by michael kors, bag by bottega veneta, shoes by christian dior

a lot of people requested lady brett ashley, so thanks. 

p.s. literateandstylish asked for lady brett ashley along with daisy buchanan and elizabeth bennet…go ahead and click for those previous posts. thanks!

 Oh god, Lady Brett Ashley. Yousa hoeee

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    Oh god, Lady Brett Ashley. Yousa hoeee
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    i always thought lady ashley was a huge bitch. that christian dior is gorgeous, though.
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